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Phrozen Sonic Mini 8k Giveaway Rules

The event Started on May 29th 2023 and will end June 29th 2023 at Midnight CST.
One Printer will be given to the general community and one will be given to our Discord Subscribers.

1) Print Puck! If you don't have a 3D Printer yet, then draw a doodle of Puck. (The doodle does not have to be good :D)

2) Take a picture of Puck somewhere cool. (the place doesnt have to be cool, but it'd be cool if it were cool)


3) Follow TableFlip Foundry and Phrozen3d on Instagram and join TableFlip Foundry's Discord

4) Copy and paste this into your Post
"This is my official entry for the @tableflipfoundry Sonic Mini 8k Giveaway sponsored by @phrozen3d.

(The hashtags are used to track entries, so its important you get them right)

Giveaway Entry_edited.jpg

Your Instagram account cannot be set to private. I cannot track entries that I cannot see.
Only one entry allowed per person. 
You must be a member of our discord server to win. You must be following TableFlip Foundry and Phrozen3d on Instagram to win. Moderator Staff WILL be eligible to enter the giveaway. Please adhere to your local government sweepstakes laws.

This is the list of countries that Phrozen will ship to. If you do not live in one of these places, you will not be eligible to win a printer.

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